Which sites to visit in Antequera

Rent a car Low Cost Antequera
Rent a car Low Cost Antequera

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Antequera located only 60 km from Malaga Airport (46 min by car). If you want to know what sites to visit in Antequera, we invite you to read this article!

Peña de los enamorados.

The profile of this rock is very characteristic since it resembles a human being who rests his head on the ground and is looking at the sky, very similar to a lying man.

The explanation of the silhouette visible from the city’s skyline is based on a legend of the Middle Ages, mainly revealed by the stories of the Golden Age.

The natural landscape of the Peña is spread over an area of ​​117 hectares, besides being of great ecological interest, so there is no need for visitors who come to know them. The year 2016 was registered in the Registries of Landscapes of Cultural Interest.

La Peña is famous for a legend set in the fifteenth century, where Antequera, who was the frontier of the kingdoms of Granada and Castile.

A young Christian fell prisoner in these last kingdoms. A woman of the realization-presumably daughter of the president of the city, in the visit by the dungeons where the father maintained the authority, there is to the prisoner, and as it happens in the legends of impossible loves, they end up falling madly in love.

In collaboration with the young woman, the man manages to escape from the dungeon and they flee.

The king of Granada gave the order that his minions persecute the couple. They seek refuge at the top of a rock. At the moment the siege begins, the lovers realize that their objective has been a fiasco, so they make the decision to throw themselves to the precipice to share a life together in eternity.

The Alcazaba of Antequera.

 It is one of the most important monuments of the town. It is known as the potato-acorns clock. In relation to prices, children between 6 to 16 years old will have to pay 3 euros, while children under 6 will not pay. Adults must pay 6 euros.

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