Which sites to visit in Alpandeire

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Rent a car Low Cost Alpandeire

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Alpandeire located just 113.3 km from Malaga Airport (1 h 35 min by car). If you would like to know which sites to visit in Alpandeire, we invite you to read this article!

San Antonio de Padua Church

It is located in the center of the town. It is very striking due to its large size, something strange in a small town of only 300 inhabitants.

It is called ‘Cathedral of the Serrania’. It is an extensive construction of the sixteenth century ordered by the archbishop of Seville, Diego de Deza, but which has the appearance of more recent artistic movements due to the reconstruction to which it was subjected in the seventeenth century.

In the crypt of the church there are two very conserved mummies that seem to be part of a marriage that contributed economically to the construction of the temple.

The home of Fray Leopoldo.

You can see basic features of mountain architecture. The characteristic interest in the town is due to the fact that it was the place where this character with a great charitable trajectory was born worldwide.

The house became an artistic historical monument. The town dedicated a statue to him called ‘El cerrajón’.

Fray was born and lived in this house until he was 36 years old, which was where he went to Seville, then to Antequera, and finally to Granada.

All the areas have been decorated and adapted so that visitors can contemplate the way they lived in the municipality in the 19th century. It is recognizable the set of rooms -very differentiable- among which are included, the room of Fray, a small chapel, the room of his parents and the humble room.

In relation to the decoration, old appliances are striking, such as furniture, farm implements and kitchen utensils.

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