Which sites to visit in Alozaina

Rent a car Low Cost Alozaina
Rent a car Low Cost Alozaina

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Alozaina located just 44.3 km from Malaga Airport (55 min by car). This Spanish municipality located in the foothills of the Sierra de Las Nieves, has a population of 2,030 inhabitants and a surface area of ​​33.85 m2.

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Entrance arch to the town.

 We will find a magnificent stone arcade with three bodies, and with the central one greater than the two lateral ones.

It was built in the mid-twentieth century with the purpose of commemorating the Arab past of the town, it became the representation of the people, who gave way to a Muslim base, mainly in the oldest area.

The arch became a sign of the town as a tribute to the Moorish stage, where the trail is displayed in the towers and streets.

Parish Church of Santa Ana.

 The construction dates from the year 1774, although it was the site of an ancient temple of the fifteenth century.

Of its exterior stands out the square tower while its interior floor is a Latin cross covered with wood.

The church is of baroque style and has a strong contraction and single nave that is opened through the side chapels, which are precisely of lower height compared to the single central nave.

In the external environment we can see a facade with a bell tower, both with a simple design.

On the other hand, in the interior of the church the outlandish Corinthian columns stand out, the images of cultural interest that have been preserved per year are very remarkable, as well as different religious elements that were donated by prominent figures of Catholicism.

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