Which sites to visit in Almogía

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Rent a car Low Cost Almogía

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Almogía located just 26 km from Malaga Airport (33 min by car). If you are interested in knowing which sites to visit in Almogía, we invite you to read the rest of the article!

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption.

 It is the most attractive set of the locality. It was built in the sixteenth century, but was destroyed by an earthquake in the nineteenth century.

Also, Chapel of Santo Cristo that was reformed due to the earthquake. Through this chapel you will contemplate the painting of a Crucified, which makes it one of the most representative icons of the church.

It has three ships with predominance of the central. Specifically semicircular to the left of the construction we can see the image of Our Lady of the Assumption, placed on a wall during the restoration.

Almogía Castle.

It tells the root of the town. Almogía was built as a settlement at the feet of the aforementioned, as the castle maintained its function of military defense, first of all, the Christians, and after the Islamic takeover, by the Arabs.

After having arrived the Catholic Kings, it was devastated, leaving only the Torre de la Vela that has constituted the biggest attraction of the remains.
It does not have posters or explanatory tables, so it will be very difficult for the traveler to know the history and basic characteristics of the monument.

No wonder the state of abandonment. It does not have any type of protection and no consolidation work has been carried out, just as it does not have perimeter protection or a musealization work.

For this reason it is recommended to visit it as soon as possible in order to appreciate its ruins in time.

The access does not offer difficulty in spite of not being signposted. You can access the tower through Calle Torre de la Vela. In case you are driving your own vehicle it is ideal to park in the outskirts, so that you can enjoy the streets of Almogía that adapt to the slope of the terrain.

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