Which sites to visit in Almáchar

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Rent a car Low Cost Almáchar.

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Almáchar located just 50 km from Malaga Airport (52 min by car). If you want to know what sites to visit in Almáchar, we recommend you read the next lines!

La Pasa Museum.

It is located in the Plaza del Santo Cristo. It is part of a traditional house in the town. The house recreates the traditional life of the place at the beginning of the 20th century, where the cultivation of raisins was characterized from the beginning as the most relevant economic activity.

The collection of the museum is made up of a wide variety of objects used in the collection of this characteristic food, such as an ax, esparto strings, pruning shears, the hoe, a footwear for workers of the year 1920, as well as a carbure, as well as models of different containers that were used for the sale of the raisin.

Parochial Church of San Mateo.

It is a temple of considerable size located in the central helmet of the locality. Its supports have attached semi-columns, a rectangular floor and rough stone.

The structure has a very unusual composition in these buildings, it is evident its rectangular nave which dates from the year 1800 when it was annexed in the north of the other, which was completed 95 years later, maintaining the same height, but with a considerable narrowness.

In relation to the deck of the ships, is made based on cable-stayed knuckles and a set of torque armor. It is supported by a succession of arches on pillars and load walls on its sides.

The main facade is constituted by a cornice and pilasters of stonework at its ends which is crowned at the same time with a large bulrush where the body for three bells and the clock is located.

The covers in relation to the axis of the ships were made using stone of quarry, in spite of being different the areas of origin.

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