Which sites to visit in Álora

Rent a car Low Cost Álora
Rent a car Low Cost Álora

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Alora located only 38.7 km from Malaga Airport (38 min by car). If you would like to know which sites to visit in Álora, we invite you to read this article.

Castillo de Álora.

 It was built during Arab possession in the Middle Ages, but with a Roman and Phoenician style. Access is free and is developed in the walled enclosures.

It has a primitive fortress that crosses six towers, while the lower maintains a masonry wall adapted to the relief that gives it an irregular shape.

At the entrance you will find a canvas where you will read a ceramic that indicates the ‘Romance de Álora’.

The construction was carried out during different stages; during the Caliphates the construction was raised; during the Emirate the most solid part was established and during the Kingdoms of Tifas, it focused on the most fragile part.

This tower leads to the entrance to a walled enclosure, through which it is accessed by a horseshoe arch, unique in the town.

The castle is distinguished by different precincts differences. The second is the most irregular of all, while the first, which corresponds to the upper room, is regular and homogeneous, has 6 square towers and was built at the time of the Caliphate.

Between the two enclosures it is easy to witness a square tower cooked as

‘La Torre de la Vela’.

Parochial Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation.
It is one of the highest churches in the province of Malaga. It was raised in the period from 1600 to 1699.

The temple has been constructed through brick facing the base of stone masonry, managing to establish a majestic building with considerable dimensions.

His style is a combination of neoclassical and baroque. Its facades made of stone and its slender towers stand out.

The church has a rectangular floor plan that is divided into three naves. In the interior we can delight with different altarpieces.

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