Which places to visit in Algatocín

Rent a car Low cost Algatocín
Rent a car Low cost Algatocín

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Algatocín located only 128 km from Malaga Airport (1h 37 min by car). It has a population of 795 inhabitants; while its territorial extension is 20 km. If you want to know what sites to visit in Algatocín, we invite you to read this article!

Mirador del Genal.

The environment of the Genal is characterized by its beauty and naturalness, for that reason, it is very appreciated by society.

In the locality you can contemplate the senses of touch, hearing and smell due to the tranquility, the noise of the water, the smells of the vegetation and the different animals that inhabit the area thanks to its quiet atmosphere.

The rural roads will facilitate the work of displacement, all due to the sense of obligation of people to explore the forests in order to obtain cork, chestnuts, wood, honey, etc. or, to maintain the irrigation of the orchards lying in the area.

The corresponding landscape is highlighted in the autumns months when the chestnut forests will highlight the area due to the contrast of the cork oaks and oaks, however, in the area of ​​spring the green will be even more differentiated from the rest of the formations.


Being within the Valley of the Lower Genal, you will encounter a diversity of landscape, in which you can delight in its varied faunas and flora.

Similarly, and if you go to the town on some of the special dates, you can enjoy a multitude of parties where not only the population of the place joins, but people from other towns go to Algatocín to celebrate them .

Some of these celebrations have a religious origin, so it is common for them to be celebrated within the Church.

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