Which places to visit in Algarrobo

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Rent a car Low Cost Algarrobo

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Algarrobo located just 56.3 km from Malaga Airport (42 min by car). This locality has an extension of 9.73km2 and a population of 6.232 inhabitants. If you are interested in knowing which sites to visit in Algarrobo, we invite you to read the rest of the article.

Playa San Pedro.

 It is one of the most visited beaches in the town. It is located near the Sailing Club and the cove, it is one of the main centers of marine activity.

It is noted for its great tourist wave due to its fine white sands, calm sea and for being in the beautiful park El Canelo.

This beach is obstructed to the south due to the great rock Peña Blanca, which is the environment of pelicans and cormorants.

Church of La Candelaria.

It is a National Monument work of Padro Subercaseaux, which was built in 1837 under the instructions of Lo Albarca, the father of the town. Santa Teresa de los Antes was addressing her in order to teach the children in the village galleries.

It is possible to contemplate in the Santa Teresita street of Algarrobo and the crossroads of the Guillermo Mücke avenues, the excellent Santa Teresita Church, one of the most sought-after architectural works of the town.

It is constituted by walls with a width of 65 cm approximately. The interior sky is coligues, and this is prolonged through corridors and corridors that surround the structure.

The latter is sustained due to the oaks of 2.5 meters high. On the main facade we can see six columns that support the triangular roof.

In this we can witness the door of two leaves, which incidentally is the main one, and that also has two side doors that give the option of sunning the interior.

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